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The good and the bad - front pocket carry on the mini-sheepsfoot.

Took a bad tumble in the ice and snow the other night. Things felt 'wrong' when I got up. First thought was "Oh crap, if I lost the knife in the deep snow it will be spring before I find it". The good was while the sheath was hanging out of my pocket, upside down (pocket inside out but still clipped in place), the knife was still firmly in place in the sheath. 😄

The bad is the following morning while hopping out of the Jeep in the snow, I 'dropped' the knife & sheath in the snow - hard packed snow at least - so I saw it. Later I realized that the clip edge had caught on the Jeep seat and torn it, and that is what pulled the clip open. 😫

B.J. Bayless
Jordan Merton
Devin Bauman


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