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Hello all,

This is the Warden I won in last years contest.  I had never heard of Lost Dirt until my friend Larry Laird sent me an invitation to the group. After that I joined the group and started following it. I saw a contest posted, so I entered not really expecting to win, but I did! Not only did I win but I got Serial #99, the last serial number in the 90's. Sorry BJ. I have never owned a custom built knife so I really didnt know what to expect. This knife is way more than I expected to receive. The knife design is exceptional and it is crafted to perfection by the very talented hands of Julious Griffith. Julious is a perfectionist and the construction of the Warden is absolutely flawless. OK, I know the knife looks a little "Dry". I need to get my hands on some of that special Lost Dirt Wax soon. Out.

Lost Dirt Knife and Tool
Jordan Merton
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