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Next up overdue for some TLC is my Mini Sheepsfoot this thing gets used and abused nearly every day. Cutting plastic strapping bands, stretch wrap, zip ties, cardboard, rope, lunch from time to time馃ぃ or whatever else I need it for. Absolutely love it, favorite pocket knife I've ever had. I've been carrying it pretty steady for almost 2 years dressed up the edge on it a few times but other than that haven't done much to it. When I got my submariner in I didn't carry it for a week or so and left it in the sheath and it got a little rust on it. Washed it up but hadn't taken the time to really clean it up until today. Took some flitz to it and it cleaned right up. I was a little worried about buffing the logo but it still looks great!

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Devin Bauman
Jordan Merton
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