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Bushcraft  Buddy (watch video before buying)
  • Bushcraft Buddy (watch video before buying)

    6" over all length. Blade section is just over 3" long


    Ferro Rod not included in base price.  Can be added for $30, by sending me a message through the site.  If you choose the ferro rod, you will also get the attachment for it, for the sheath.  


    It is very small so that it will fit into most any kit.

    It’s is as big as it needs to be for most situations. If you need bigger, you probably should be using a hatchet.


    This is not a knife.

    It is a specialized tool for bushcraft, designed to complement your knife. It is designed for batoning wood to make kindling for a fire, scraping tree sap off of trees, and striking a ferro rod to start a fire.

      PriceFrom $195.00
      Pre-Orders on this model ship in 30 days (or less)
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