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Mini Gold Rush EX

Shown in Baker Forge Raindrop Go Mai steel with Ultem scales. This is the first from Lost Dirt of this model. Also the first with Ultem Sclaes. Completely hand ground blade and hand shaped scales. All work done by one man in the Lost Dirt shop.

For the last 2 years I have averaged less than 1 knife per week out of the shop each one is special. This one is extra special, and was made for very special customer .

To order one similar, reach out via the website's chat or e-mail this configuration is only available by special order. Keep in mind that no two Damascus knives will have the exact same pattern. As these are all handmade, the knives will vary somewhat as well.


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댓글 3개

익명 회원
2023년 5월 20일

That’s a beauty, every one of your pieces is great I got to handle one of your minis at a knife get together before a week or so ago now I really have the jones.


익명 회원
2023년 4월 03일

Great combination indeed 👌 may be next after a Wretched, but may be quite similar materials, they work so well together 👌


익명 회원
2023년 3월 29일

Beautiful knife!!

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