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I received my Mini Sheepsfoot Bitty in the mail today. First off I want to say thank you again Julious for doing these contests and letting people win such great blades. Also thanks for throwing in the Nessmuk cut out as an extra, I appreciate it man. This MSF Bitty is such a sweet little knife, it's small but feels mighty. It fits my bigger hands absolutely perfect and locks into place like it's not going anywhere no matter what I'll be cutting. It's nice and thick so it feels like it will do some heavy duty work and be just fine. The craftsmanship put into this thing is amazing and to know it's all hand ground makes it even better, the bevels are perfect. Every square inch of this knife has been shown love and there is not a single rough spot or sharp edge anywhere, except where it's supposed to be sharp. I can't wait to start putting this thing to work.

Lost Dirt Knife and Tool
Jennifer (aka Jbjeep)


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