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What is Lost Dirt?

Lost Dirt is a piece of trail that seems to have been lost to the world.  It's a special place or a piece of land that you discover, or rediscover. It's a feeling that comes from exploration.  Maybe you've traveled it before, but you lost it to time or situations.  Maybe it's a forest service road that has overgrown.  

Lost Dirt is about?


Something found by others, but new to you.  Maybe you just upgraded your adventure rig and you need to test its boundaries in a new enviroment.  

yeti 4runner.jpg

Lost Dirt is about:

Overlanding, camping, hiking, hunting, trail building.....Lost Dirt is about adventure and finding what has been Lost.  

This site is about the knives. This page is about the man behind them. The owner/knifemaker.  Every picture here was taken by me, and of my adventures.  I named the company Lost Dirt, because of the value to me of discovery. 


To learn more about me and what makes me tick:


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