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Bushcraft Buddy - Cord Wrapped
  • Bushcraft Buddy - Cord Wrapped

    Do not order without watching the videos!

    6" over all length. Blade section is just over 3" long


    It is very small so that it will fit into most any kit.

    It’s is as big as it needs to be for most situations. If you need bigger, you probably should be using a hatchet. Made from 3/16 thick aeb-l steel, it is very strong and batons wood for a fire easily. Striking a ferro rod with the spine, to start your fire is extremely effective.  The front of the blade is designed for scraping tree sap off of tree, to aid in getting your fire going.  



    • 30 Days to return for full refund

      You can cancel the order at anytime, for a full refund before the knife has shipped.  After tracking shows delivered, you can return for a full refund with in 30 days.  Please call first, so I know its coming. I want you to be happy with your custom knife.   

    Pre-Orders on this model ship in 30 days (or less)
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