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I wanted to give a quick review of the Montana knife that I won in the giveaway. Beautiful knife. The scales are a bit thicker than the knife that I initially purchased, but that is a good thing I believe. It makes it slightly easier to grip and deploy and use for me. A knife is a tool, and I use them like they are. I have had my original mini spearpoint for a year or so. I daily carry it and use it for pretty much everything. The fit and finish on both knives is first class as one would expect from a craftsman like Julious. Every edge is rounded and I would say it is as close to perfect as one could ever achieve. If you are in the market for a carry knife, BUY ONE! I hate to say, but the Montana knife with the larger scales is more comfortable for me to use, but I think that one will go on the shelf so I keep it pretty lol.

Perfect knife for everyday use. Proud to add it to my arsenal and blessed to have been the winner of the contest. Thanks Julious!

B.J. Bayless
Lost Dirt Knife and Tool
Jordan Merton
Jennifer (aka Jbjeep)


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